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Seattle trenchless water replacement

When your water line breaks, you need it fixed fast. In many situations where the water pipes are old or have serious damage, replacement is necessary. You may think that replacing a water line is going to cost you a fortune and require significant digging on your property, but our trenchless water line replacement techniques solve these issues. Best of all, your new water line is guaranteed.

At Full Bore, we have more than 25 years of Seattle trenchless water replacement experience in Western Washington and the Seattle area. As leaders in the industry, our track record speaks for itself. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that unexpected expenses, like water main breaks, can give you a real headache, so we do everything we can to minimize your expense and the disruption to your life.

If your home or commercial property is experiencing water line problems, contact our office today and schedule a free estimate. We will thoroughly assess the problem and provide you with a comprehensive solution. The pricing for all of our water line replacement jobs is competitive and fair, so there is no reason not to hire the best. We proudly service business and home owners in Seattle, Bellingham, Tacoma, and the Greater Metro Seattle Area.

Seattle trenchless water replacement

  • Water line issues can be caused by a variety of problems
  • Trenchless water line replacement techniques are non-invasive and cost-effective
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in our region accompanied by a flawless customer satisfaction record
  • Full Bore is family-owned and operated, and every technician is fully trained to handle any pipe replacement job
  • We offer free estimates on water line replacements and all of our work is guaranteed

Whether you’re a homeowner or run a business, you can’t go without water. When your water pipes break, you don’t have time to wait. At Full Bore, we have the fastest response times for customers experiencing serious problems with water lines and sewer pipes, because we understand the urgency of your situation.

You can contact our office and schedule a free inspection immediately. One of our technicians will come to your location and take a look at your water pipe with our state-of-the-art video camera. We can then develop a solution with real-time precision, so that you have a firm timeline and accurate cost appraisal.

Don’t let a broken water line ruin your day. Get help from the professional pipe replacement team at Full Bore and have confidence because you’re working with the best.

The reasons water lines break

While a water line break may seem like some sudden occurrence, it’s usually the culmination of problems that have existed for some time, albeit hidden. To properly repair or replace a water line, it’s necessary to accurately diagnose the problem. Not only will this ensure the repair is done right, but it also helps mitigate future problems while minimizing cost.

Some of the more common reasons why water lines breaks include:

  • Root infiltration into the pipe – All it takes is one tiny hole in a water pipe to attract roots. Once a root enters the pipe, it finds a wet environment that’s perfect for rapid growth. If you’ve ever seen what a growing root can do to a slab of concrete, you can imagine what it can do to an older pipe. The hole quickly expands as the root grows in diameter, and eventually it can rupture the pipe, creating an even larger opening. This attracts more roots, and eventually the pipe is completely clogged with a tangle of roots and soil.

    Blockages of this nature must be removed, and we often use high-pressure water to eliminate the blockage and restore the pipe to its original diameter. This doesn’t repair the pipe, but it does prepare it for the insertion of a new pipe that’s installed with trenchless technology. Root infiltration is a very common problem in our region, because of the high amounts of rainfall and ubiquitous vegetation. At Full Bore, we have the experience needed to resolve root intrusion issues.

  • Variable weather – While it doesn’t get terribly cold very often around Seattle, it does happen often enough to cause problems with water lines. Cold weather can make water pipes expand, and it when it rapidly warms up, they quickly contract. When this repeatedly happens over time, it places a great deal of strain on the pipe, which can cause it to fail. Variable weather can cause water lines to crack, creating leaks or eventually even causing a total blowout.

    The severity of the damage to your water pipe will determine the best method for repair. Most pipes can be repaired using trenchless technology, but severely damaged pipes may require alternative methods. Your best bet is to schedule a free inspection with our Seattle trenchless water replacement technicians so they can quickly diagnose the problem and the cause.

  • Water pipe corrosion – There is no escaping the damaging effects of age. Pipes that are more than 30 years old weren’t made using modern materials, and are subject to deterioration. If your home or business structure is older, it’s likely your pipe is made from iron, clay, steel, or tile. Water main issues on older buildings are usually the result of aging pipes, so it’s important to address the issue before the pipe deteriorates to the point where a trenchless replacement is impossible.
  • Ground movement and soil erosion – Today, we understand that certain soil substrates can have a effect on the lifespan of a pipe, but this wasn’t always acknowledged in the past. Soil movement can also cause water pipe damage over time, so even your home or building settling can cause damage that requires pipe replacement.

    When addressing issues of soil substrate, our technicians will develop a pipe replacement solution that acknowledges the placement of the pipe, so that its lifespan is maximized. Trenchless technology makes it possible to insert a new pipe without disturbing the soil or your structure’s foundation, which further helps to mitigate future problems with pipe movement.

  • Poor installation – Not all contractors do quality work, which means that property owners are sometimes surprised when a water pipe breaks under a building that isn’t very old. Improper installation of a water pipe can cause it to move, crack, or allow the entry of organic material like roots or soil. This is undoubtedly an unwelcome surprise, but it underscores the importance of working with reputable companies with a track record of quality workmanship.

At Full Bore, our reputation was built on reliable work that’s guaranteed. Our highly-trained technicians can handle any Seattle trenchless water replacement job, so contact us today for a free inspection and put your trust in Seattle’s best.

How trenchless water line repair works

You may think that repairing a water line will require extensive excavation to remove and replace the old pipe, but trenchless technology eliminates this problem in most situations. Trenchless water pipe repair is non-invasive, which means that our technicians won’t have to dig through your lawn, foundation, or driveway to get at the pipe. How is this possible?

Directional drilling equipment allows us to replace a water pipe from only two entry points. So, instead of digging a long trench, we only need to dig two small holes to allow the drill to create a new hole for pipe insertion. Let’s review directional drilling in more detail.

Seattle trenchless water repair – Directional and horizontal drilling explained

Directional and horizontal drilling negates the collateral damage common with traditional water main repair techniques, which in and of itself saves money. However, the process itself is also far cheaper than a traditional repair. When you combine these two factors, what you end up with is the most cost-effective means of repairing and replacing a water line available today.

Seattle trenchless water replacement

Water main blockages can happen to anyone, so we work with homeowners, government entities, and business owners who can’t afford to go without water. Trenchless technology represents the modern industry standard for water line replacement, and we are skilled at every technique being used today.

Horizontal drilling is a trenchless technique that eliminates the need to dig a trench to replace the pipe. A hole is drilled along the entire length of the existing water pipe to accommodate the new pipe. To reach the desired diameter, it is sometimes necessary to drill more than once, but once this goal is met, the hole is ready for the seamless pipe.

Our techs can control the angle of the drilling when they use this Seattle trenchless water repair technique. They also track the direction of the drill head to ensure that it maintains the correct path. This ensures the quality and longevity of your new pipe while minimizing the cost of installation

Horizontal drilling is also environmentally conscious and prevents contamination of surrounding soil. This is important if you’re located in an environmentally sensitive area, wetlands, or somewhere that could be negatively impacted by heavy construction work. Because horizontal drilling is more flexible, we are capable of installing new pipe in any terrain or geographical feature.

If you would like more information about horizontal drilling, contact one of our Seattle trenchless water repair technicians today.

The Full Bore water line repair symptoms

Problems with a water line may be noticed when certain things start happening in your home or business. These symptoms are often an early indication that something major is going to happen with the water line, so it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection at the first sign of trouble. If a problem is caught early enough, it may be possible to repair the water line rather than replace it. At the very least, catching a problem in its infancy will save you the cost and hassle of completely digging up your old water line.

There are a few warning signs to look for if you have older pipes or you’ve noticed that something has changed with your water. These symptoms include:

  • Wet ground along the path of your water line
  • Water damage inside of your home or business
  • A sudden drop in water pressure
  • Soft patches in your yard
  • Your faucet stutters when you turn on a fixture
  • The sound of running water when you’re not running any water
  • Your water bill is suddenly higher than normal
  • When you use the water, you hear noise coming form the pipe
  • Darker than normal water coming out of your taps

If you see water coming out of your foundation or the ground, you have a bigger problem than just a mere symptom, and you need to call us right away. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of pipe damage, schedule a free estimate and make sure you don’t have a serious problem. If there is an issue with your water pipe, we will be able to physically show it to you in real time with our video inspection tool, so you never have to worry about whether you’re being treated fairly.

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your water line

If you have concerns about your water line, contact the professionals at Full Bore for a free inspection. Our Seattle trenchless water replacement technology will save you a fortune, and a great deal of hassle. Best of all, our work is guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about recurring issues with your water line.



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