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Seattle Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

If you’re sewer pipe is suddenly clogged, you’re probably expecting a big job with an equally big bill. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to expensive sewer pipe replacement that can save you a pile of money with virtually none of the hassle associated with a pipe replacement.

Trenchless pipe lining is non-invasive, environmentally friendly, and it will save you a considerable amount of money. Best of all, the “repair” actually creates a new, smooth pipe that is just as durable (of not more so) than pipe manufactured from any other material.

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Seattle Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining – Save time and money

  • Repair a damaged or broken sewer pipe without digging up your driveway or foundation
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  • The average lifespan of trenchless pipes is 50 years
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In the old days, to repair a sewer pipe it was necessary to dig. If the problem area was beneath a driveway, the driveway had to be destroyed. If it was beneath a structure, a repair meant replacing sheetrock and repairing foundations. Worst of all, traditional pipe repair and replacement was expensive, invasive, and took a considerable amount of time to finish.

Trenchless sewer pipe lining changed all of that. This innovative process requires only a small hole to access an existing pipe. After conducting a video diagnosis of the pipe to ascertain the problem, we clear out any blockage and create a brand new pipe with durable epoxy resin. This proven technology saves time and money, increases flow capacity, and results in a final product that’s better than other materials on the market today.

There are multiple ways that trenchless pipe lining will save you money

Many property owners are surprised to learn that trenchless pipe lining technology will save them a considerable amount of money. In fact, you can expect to save about 40% of the overall cost of a traditional pipe replacement job when you choose pipe lining.

There are hidden savings that also need to be considered. If your sewer pipe is beneath your driveway or home, replacing it would mean ripping up everything above it. When the repair or replacement was completed, you would then have to repair anything damaged to get at the pipe. If the pipe runs underneath your home, this could mean replacing flooring, sheetrock, and just about anything else that had to be removed.

Seattle Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Another way our Seattle trenchless sewer pipe lining technology saves you money is by saving you time. Since no digging is required to create the new pipe, the time it takes to complete the job is greatly reduced when compared with a traditional pipe replacement. This ultimately means that the inconvenience of the sewer pipe repair process will be greatly reduced. This can save you a fortune if your business is affected by the problem pipe.

Lastly, you will also save money simply from the fact you will have to deal with far fewer headaches. During traditional sewer pipe repairs, you’re home or office is often a mess, requiring that you re-plan your daily life until the job is done. You may even have to alter your work schedule or business hours to accommodated contractor schedules. With a trenchless pipe repair, one small hole is all that’s required to install the new pipe, which means fewer headaches that end up costing you money.

How trenchless pipe lining works

Obviously, you don’t have to dig a trench to do a trenchless pipe lining job, but how can you create a new pipe from the remnants of a damaged pipe without replacing it entirely? The short answer is that a lining creates a new pipe within the walls of the old pipe with an epoxy resin that dries smooth and hard. However, there is more to the process.

First we conduct a video diagnosis of the existing pipe to see where the problem is located. Sometimes pipes have one area that’s broken or clogged. Sometimes there are multiple areas. This modern technology allows our sewer pipe lining experts to identify the problem before taking the next step. Most of the time we are able to recommend a trenchless pipe lining solution, but there are circumstances that sometimes require doing things the old way.

Next, we clear the pipe to prepare it for the liner. We accomplish this by using high pressure water or a pneumatic tool. Roots are a common cause of pipe blockage, and if they fill the old pipe we need to entirely clear them away to bring the pipe back to its original diameter. Obviously, there are still going to be cracks and holes in the pipe, but the epoxy resin will mitigate this issue.

The next step is to fill the pipe with the epoxy lining and then inflate a bladder so it’s pushed into place within the diameter of the old pipe. This bladder keeps it in place while the epoxy cures. Then it’s deflated and removed. What you’re left with a new pipe made from smooth, durable epoxy resin that is better than the original pipe was when it was new.

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