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Full Bore Inc. is a full-service Seattle horizontal drilling company, and we provide quality workmanship and personalized customer care to government agencies, contractors, and residential clients. If you would like more information about horizontal drilling call us today in Seattle at (206) 259 0415.

As leaders in the directional drilling industry, our reputation has been firmly established throughout our ten years of doing business.

  • Horizontal drilling is a non-invasive process
  • It is also environmentally healthy
  • We work with homeowners, companies, and government agencies
  • We are the industry leaders in the Seattle area

Our horizontal drilling services allow us greater flexibility and control when addressing and maintaining your project schedule. This is especially advantageous for clients that are seeking a safe and environmentally friendly method to create pipelines with minimal surface disturbance.

Our drilling methods make it possible for us to mitigate negative impacts that accompany more invasive techniques, allowing for the preservation of wetlands and other sensitive environments.

For the home or business owner with an existing structure, horizontal drilling eliminates the burdensome eyesore of massive trench digging, which can also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

By specializing in trenchless technologies and techniques, the qualified professionals at Full Bore Inc. offer a long list of comprehensive services unique to our local area. If you would like more information about horizontal drilling, schedule a comprehensive inspection with one of our technicians.

When we complete your inspection we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate that outlines every aspect of the job in fine detail.

What is Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling eliminates the need to dig across an expanse of surface soil by allowing technicians to drill in a horizontal direction. In the not-too-distant-past the only option for the installation of piping was to rip apart the landscape with heavy equipment and manpower—a process that could take weeks or months.
Directional horizontal drilling revolutionized the entire process, and makes for a far less invasive process — both to the client and the environment.

During the horizontal drilling process, the drill head is tracked so that the operator can monitor its progress and keep it in line with a specified path. The hole’s diameter can be enlarged when the initial hole is complete, to which seamless piping can then be introduced.

Technological advancements in equipment and techniques make it possible to fully control the angle of a horizontal drilling bit with near-perfect accuracy. At Full Bore Inc. we keep on the cutting-edge of these new technologies, bringing both increased efficiency and lower costs to our trusted clients.

What are the advantages of horizontal drilling?

As the premier Seattle horizontal directional drilling company, we have seen firsthand how advantageous this technique can be in certain situations. What follows is a brief list of just some of the advantages that horizontal drilling can bring to a project.

  • Faster Installation — By eliminating the need to dig cumbersome trenches, projects can be completed much faster than many people realize.
  • Lower Installation Cost — A smaller crew means less manpower, which will significantly lower the costs of the overall project.
  • Flexibility — Terrain, landscaping, and geographical features are no longer considered insurmountable obstacles when horizontal drilling is used. This means that your ideas or needs can come to life when preciously they would have been impossible.
  • Little Soil Contamination — Because the piping used may be seamless with this method, soil contamination is virtually eliminated.
  • Maintains Environmental Integrity — Disrupting an environment can have negative consequences that go far beyond mere cost and expediency. Horizontal drilling makes it possible to preserve the surrounding environment in its pristine state without having to compromise your ideas or spend a fortune on mitigation.

You can trust Full Bore Inc. with all of your horizontal drilling requirements

It doesn’t matter whether we are working for a contractor, homeowner, or government agency; we make it a point to adhere to the following business principles:

  • Stay on Schedule
  • Keep Costs to a Minimum
  • Stay on Budget
  • Ensure that All Workmanship is of the Highest Standard

Our highly skilled team utilizes our state-of-the-art equipment to complete any Seattle horizontal directional drilling job no matter how difficult or challenging, and we are eager to put our more than ten years of experience to work for you.

We earned our stellar reputation over the years by adhering to our core principles, which is why our business has grown and expanded via recommendations and referrals.

Get an estimate from our Seattle horizontal directional drilling company expert, today

If you would like to have some of your questions about Seattle horizontal drilling answered, or you would like a free estimate, contact our office in Seattle at (206) 259 0415.

We recognize that your situation is unique, and will require a great deal of personalized care and attention to detail. From our initial inspection, until the job is complete, we will provide you with unparalleled experience and attention to detail. We are proud to serve Seattle and the surrounding region.



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