Are You at Risk from Lead Pipes in Your Vintage Seattle Home?

The latest Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) water quality report shows, on average, that lead is below the level that requires action in Seattle homes but, bear in mind, that’s an average. Some homes may have discernable lead levels above the threshold the EPA considers actionable. You can have your household water tested for lead for […]

Combined Sewer Pipes and Storm Water Put Seattle Wildlife at Risk

Roughly one-third of Seattle has old pipes called “combined” pipes that serve for both storm water and sewage waste. Aged pipes and infrastructure are a risk to Seattle’s water and wildlife when the sewers are taxed beyond their capacity.

Sewer Risks for Older Seattle Buildings

Seattle is almost 164 years old and so is much of the infrastructure our city rests upon – including the sewers, pipes, and plumbing works. If you own a business in an older building, you should be prepared for an inevitable and costly repair to your pipes unless your sewer system has previously been rebuilt to replace […]

Flushable Wipes – Should you flush them?

If you’ve fallen for the hype of flushable wipes and stock your bathroom with these cleansing TP alternatives, beware! There is no such thing as a “flushable” wipe and you’re begging for a sewer line disaster by using these moist towelettes for tushies.

The Dangers of Playing in Sewers

A recent news story from Federal Way, Washington showed that some children were believed to be living down in the sewers. Other versions of the story had the kids playing down there rather than being homeless kids taking refuge there.

7 Tips to Prevent Clogged Pipes

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy family, friends and lots of food. Whether it’s a family get-together or big holiday blowout, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays bring good times but can also bring drain clogs. We see lots of drain problems, clogs, and backups this time of year. Trust Full Bore to get your pipes […]

Benefits Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a newer technology in pipe and utility installation that allows greater accuracy and flexibility in placement and ends the need for costly digging, large crews, road closures and other complications of traditional digging and pipe installation.

Side Sewer What You Need To Know

A side sewer connects your house to the sewer line that runs along your street. This line is critical because while the sewer line in the street is the responsibility of the local sewer utility, your side sewer line is your responsibility because it’s fully on your property. If you have a problem with your […]

Water Main Blowout

America’s water delivery infrastructure has aged to the point of near collapse. Across the US, at least 240,000 water mains go bad every year according to a recent EPA study. Water mains at the street are the problem of the city – but water lines that run from the street to your home are your responsibility as […]

Water Conservation Tips

Seattle’s water plan has been called visionary, was estimated to be sound for at least 45 more years, and was predicted to be climate change-resilient, yet the latest round of droughts has left many at Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) predicting potential shortfalls. Here are 7 water conservation tips and how you can help.